Homeless Camp Cleanup Services

Transient Camp Cleanup


The struggle with the growing homeless population is an issue that appears to have no solution. Thousands of local business, public parks, overpasses, and even private residence are affected by the overwhelming amount of transient camps that are flooding the state. That’s why we are here to help!! Our technicians are certified to handle all transient camps, including the ones contaminated by SHARPS needles.

Graffiti Removal


 Our teams are trained and aware of the importance of not using any chemical preparations where possible (steam and pressure can be applied to most graffiti for effective removal), but where some preparations may be required (more likely with the application of metallic based spray paint), we ensure that all waste generated from this process is contained and disposed of correctly. 

Commercial & Residential Squatter Cleanouts


 Do not attempt to clean up a void property or after a squatter yourself call the professionals at Washington Bio Services. We have years of experience cleaning up after the worst property issues and guarantee results that are delivered with all the best equipment. If you delay in sorting the issue you can massively increase the possibility of a worst problem including rats and mice entering the property.  



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