Law Enforcement Related Bio Cleaning Services


Squad Car Cleaning

 Everyone knows being a police officer is a very dangerous job. Often times they come into close proximity with harmful bodily fluids such as, blood, urine, vomit, saliva, etc.. What happens when a drunk passenger throws up in the backseat of your squad car? Or better yet, what happens if someone relieves themselves on your seat!? Good news! Washington Bio Services  is ready to help with the most affordable prices in the industry and quick, professional, and trained technicians available 24/7/365. 


Jail Bio Cleaning

Hazardous situations such as blood, death and trauma scene cleanups in jails are events that should be handled by a biohazard remediation specialist. Blood, tissue, human flesh and biohazard remains are considered to be biohazardous and can oftentimes be very dangerous to the health and well-being of yourself and inmates or employees.  All of our technicians are able to pass a full background check. 


Post Autopsy Cleaning

Something widely overlooked in the biohazard industry is the cleanup after autopsies. Often times city coroner's have very low budgets available for cleaning and disinfection services. This leaves the coroners and lab employees stuck doing the cleanup themselves. We offer very affordable post autopsy cleaning and disinfection services. 

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